ARSL Regional Focus Groups

Each of our four ARSL Regional Focus Groups works with their respective Regional Board Representative to identify key issues and opportunities of regional significance for small and rural libraries. Their findings are then passed on to the relevant ARSL Committee to be put into action! Some examples of potential Focus Group areas of investigation are listed below, though the lists are not comprehensive.

Regional Focus Groups meet at least bimonthly, with email communication conducted between meetings. If you are interested in joining your region's Focus Group, email the ARSL Office at [email protected].


  • Region-specific grants
  • Continuing education partners
  • Outreach & community engagement strategies

Issues & Calls to Action

  • Legislative advocacy opportunities
  • Futureproofing libraries
  • Ongoing support & needs assessment

Northeast RFG


Southern RFG


Midwest RFG


Western RFG

NE Regional Representative

Kevin Bourque, MA


S Regional Representative

Phillip Carter, MS


MW Regional Representative

Erin Silva, IA


W Regional Representative

Patrick Bodily, OR

Focus Group Members


Focus Group Members


Focus Group Members


Focus Group Members

  • Becky Stahl, PA
  • Beverly Osborne, NY
  • Cindy Jewett, NH
  • Debby Emerson, NY
  • Holly Williams, ME
  • Jennifer Dawn Van Hannak, PA
  • Keturah Cappadonia, NY
  • Kimberly Benjamin, NY
  • Kristi Chadwick, MA
  • Lauren Stara, MA
  • Leslie Stolins, NY
  • Lynn Eisenbrey, VT
  • Mary Lehmer, ME
  • Tina Dalton, NY
  • Anne Reever Osborne, TN
  • Denooa Rae Bishopp, TX
  • Donna Cleveland, MS
  • Jennifer Pearson, TN
  • Kathy Atchley, OK
  • Kristen Hillman, MS
  • Lisa Thompson, VA
  • Mary-Elizabeth Land, SC
  • Pattie Mayfield, TX
  • Ryda Worthy, MS
  • Sandra Tharp-Thee, OK
  • Sarah Crisler-Ruskey, MS
  • Shellie Zeigler, MS
  • Virginia Ann Pierce, SC
  • Ashley Bryant, MO
  • Chelsea Price, IA
  • Christy DeMeulenaere, MI
  • Cinda Leech, IL
  • Colleen Kilbreath, KS
  • Ingvild Herfindahl, MN
  • Janette McMahon, IA
  • Joy Kyhn, NE
  •  Julie Kent, KS
  • Kate Haynie, KS
  • Michelle Andersen, IA
  • Roxanne Staveness, WI
  • Samantha Oakley, IL
  • Vicki Barts, MO
  • Alice DeFriez
  • April Blankenship, ID
  • Cynthia Hughes, WY
  • Jamie Kurumaji, CA
  • Jessica Anderson, NV
  • Kara Bauman, CO
  • Kristin Williams, OR
  • Lucille Reimer, CO
  • Maryanne Hirning,
  • Megan Dazey, ID
  • Patrick Bodily, OR
  • Sarah Vantrease