Governance Committee

The ARSL Governance Committee oversees the revision and maintenance of the Association's governing documents, including the policies and bylaws. This committee meets as needed to review proposed revisions to those documents before submitting them to the ARSL Board for consideration.

Bylaws Amendment Vote

Since June of 2020, the Governance Committee has been working with the Executive Director and the former and current ARSL President to provide bylaws that create a foundation that enables us to serve our membership in the best way possible. Changes to the bylaws regarding the election process were adopted by the membership in October of 2020. The committee continued to work on updating the rest of the bylaws to ensure that they meet the needs and structure of the organization today and into the future. These recommended changes were brought to the entire ARSL Board of Directors to review, ask questions, and request clarification. The Board has unanimously approved the amendments and now invites the membership to vote on the updated Association bylaws.

Voting Opens: June 17, 2021

Voting Closes: June 23, 2021

Short informational sessions hosted by members of the Governance Committee will be scheduled online for 30 minutes each for those interested in learning more about the process and to ask questions. These sessions are open to all ARSL members; for more information check the ARSL Member Events Calendar or email [email protected].


Bylaws (Approved August 2020)

 Committee Leadership

Mary Soucie
State Librarian
North Dakota State Library
Bismarck, North Dakota

Kristi Chadwick
Massachusetts Library System
Northampton, Massachusetts

Board Liaison
Kathy Zappitello
Executive Director
Conneaut Public Library
Conneaut, Ohio


Committee Members

Jessica Pacciotti
Library Director
Perry Public Library
Perry, New York

John A. Clexton
Library Director
Gladwin County District Library
Gladwin, MIchigan
Kelly McCagg
Library Director
Burnham Memorial Library
Colchester, Vermont

Lucretia Calonder
Altoona Public Library
Altoona, Kansas

Sally A. Jones
Washington County Public Library
Abindgon, Virginia

Shannon Schultz
Public Library Administration

Wisconsin Department of Public

Madison, Wisconsin

  Taylor Atkinson
Union County Carnegie Library
Union, South Carolina