ARSL Listserv

The ARSL Listserv is a dynamic resource for ARSL members to provide resources, solve problems, and share success stories with other rural and small library professionals and advocates across the United States and internationally. If you have trouble accessing the listserv or have any questions, please contact [email protected].

Filtering Email

If the listserv messages overwhelm your inbox, you have the option to filter those messages into a separate folder in your inbox.

Listserv Archive

To view an archive of all messages sent to the new ARSL listserv, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your member account on
  2. Click on 'Member Profile' in the top navigation menu.
  3. Click on the 'My Profile' link beneath your welcome banner image.
  4. Hover over the 'My Features' tab in the grey navigation menu.
  5. Select 'E-Lists' from the dropdown.
  6. Click on the appropriate E-List to view all archived messages.

If you are interested in searching the archives of the old ARSL listserve please email [email protected].

User Guidelines for Messages

• To participate in the listserv, send your message to [email protected]. Messages must be sent from the email address associated with your ARSL membership.

• This listserv is made available to our members as a professional tool. Therefore, messages should be of interest to a large segment of ARSL members. Topics that are of limited interest or otherwise irrelevant to the professional nature of the listserv should be discussed off-list and through individual conversations.

• Before you reply to a post on the listserv, please consider if your response should be directed to the sender or to the entire listserv. To respond to the sender only, simply click reply on the emailTo reply to the full listserv, click reply and then replace the To field with [email protected]

• Original posters are encouraged to compile and post a summary of responses when their topic generates a lot of interest.

• Indicate the message’s content in the subject line of your email. Avoid using generic subject lines such as “Need Info.” When responding to a post, check the subject line to make sure it still reflects the topic and enter a new subject if needed. Do not piggyback on someone else’s message if you are discussing something completely different. 

• Adding a signature block including name, organization, and contact information is highly encouraged.

• Lively discussion and debate about professional matters are welcomed on the listserv. The tone of messages should be respectful and professional, focusing on the topic at hand. Bullying or demeaning comments will not be tolerated.

• Users are expected to follow common netiquette when posting to the listserv. For example:

• Members participating in research or studies are welcome to post survey requests. Please include the expected time it will take to complete the survey and when appropriate, share the final results back to the listserv.

• Messages may be forwarded from other lists if relevant to ARSL members. Please remove extraneous lines, but leave enough information to identify the original source.

• Announcements of job openings relevant to library professionals are welcome.

• The listserv does not accept ads from outside publishers, vendors, or commercial entities. However, questions and discussion initiated by ARSL members about products or services are appropriate, as this provides a forum for members recommendations and assistance.

• To address questions or concerns with the listserv, contact [email protected].