Expanded Opportunity: Provide COVID Testing for Your Community!

Libraries nationwide have partnered with ARSL, Color Health and the CDC to support free COVID-19 lab testing in areas where access is an issue. Your library is in a critical location to increase access in your community. We invite you to participate - with little effort from your team. You do not need to be an existing ARSL member to apply.

Libraries like Lake Geneva Public Library that are participating in the community testing program report how easy it is to set up their testing site and manage testing. Libraries receive supplies, signage and information for participants in the mail, make test kits available and ship samples to the Color lab - all with ongoing support from ARSL and Color. Libraries have also shared that their communities find the testing process with Color software simple and straightforward, and that they are thankful for the opportunity for free testing.

In addition to helping your community, participating in this program has additional benefits including:

  •  A free year of ARSL membership
  • $7.50 for each test collected at your site and successfully resulted for a community member
  • Materials, testing support for site participation


If you’d like to participate, you can sign up by using this form – or paste bit.ly/colorsite12 in your browser. After you sign up, we will let you know if your site has been approved by the CDC.

To learn more about the program, you can:


We look forward to working together to serve your community!